Indie publishing – alive and well and CELEBRATED!

25 Jun 2012

Australian authors are certainly not shirking from the plethora of opportunities out there for small press publishing or self publishing.  Driven by the one common goal of sharing their thoughts and words in a printed form has meant authors are exploring many different avenues beyond the traditional publishing route.  There is a subtle change in the air.   What was oft considered an option for poorly written manuscripts or non-commercially viable books, self publishing is getting considerable support, from readers and writers alike.

The IPPY Awards, the Independent Publishers Awards were conceived in 1996 as a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry. The awards are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles produced each year, and reward those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing.

And at their annual awards night, held recently in New York, the impact of Australian writers on the bigger world stage was certainly recognised.  ‘The support of Australian authors for the IPPY awards is phenomenal.  There are more Australians here than Canadians!’ said Jim Barnes, Managing Editor & Awards Director.

And in case you think this is a small competition, think again! Here again are the numbers: we had 5,023 total entries – 3,741 National category entries; 1072 Regional category entries; 390 eBook category entries. IPPY Medallists represent 44 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C.; 7 Canadian provinces, and 10 countries overseas.

Attending the ceremony:


Peter Lyssiotis The Silent Scream (Gold, Writing and Publishing),

Pnina Jacobson and Judy Kempler One Egg is a Fortune (Silver, Cookbook),

Kathy Andersen Change Your Shoes (Silver, Self Help)

Carina Hoang Boat People (Silver, Aust / NZ Best Non-Fiction),

Jonette George Flavours of Melbourne (Bronze, Aust / NZ Best Non-Fiction),

Emma Mactaggart Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play (Gold, Best Adult Non-Fiction eBook)

Daryl Sahli A Skirmish in Africa (Bronze, Historical War Fiction)

And the enigmatic awards director Jim Barnes.