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Jack Edwards

What book are you currently reading?

A Justin D'Ath book
I like reading about?

I like reading about cool stuff like video games, comics and things that boys do.
Why do you like reading?

My parents have read to me every night since I was 8 months old and now I am reading to them.
What other things do you like to do?

I like eating chocolate, to bounce on the trampoline, roller skating, playing in the park and Mercedes cars. read more..

Maxine Cox

I am a mad keen horror fan who also likes to dabble with the classics and the Russian Novelists.

I write a book blog and I am founder of, and Club Secretary for, Caffeine and Chapters Social Book Club on Queensland's Gold Coast.

My love of reading stems from childhood where I was a huge fan of The Famous Five and the Secret Seven.

For many years I read only horror until I joined a book club and expanded my horizons. Since then I have surprised myself by devouring 19th Century literature and becoming an admirer of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. So many books, so little time, so I tend to choose my reads from the 1001 Books you Must Read Before You Die which has guaranteed me an excellent read every time (with the exception of The Naked Lunch by William Burroughs!).

If I enjoy a read via this website (and feel it suitable for my book club members) I would offer the opportunity to attend an 'author talk' with my club to promote and sell the book to my members. We have hosted successful talks in the past one of which included our home grown best seller Katherine Howell. read more..

John Dickson

I'm a middle-aged guy, who has a strong belief in freedom of all types.

I have a practical side, which inclines me to prefer novels based on reality, or indeed true histories & biographies.

Current affairs, politics and philosophy also hold my interest in a story.

Show me some honesty & openness, & I'm keen to consider any ideas, no matter how bold!
read more..

Melissa Barnett

Great stories are made every day, some get written down, more should.
When not reading I work on the family property (cattle +wine),garden, do some freelance writing for both hard copy and online publications, take photographs, pine for the sea and ocassionally visit the city for a decent coffee. read more..

Gill Swires

I have always been a voracious reader and recently I had the ideal job, working part-time in a local bookshop for about 7 years. One of the perks was being able to read the proof copies sent out before publication - although it had its drawbacks in that there were umpteen typos that would leap out at you! We were also encouraged to read books from stock, to help with out customer service, so I was able to read books that I would not normally ie if I had to pay for them. As I also worked at a school I read the young adult fiction so that I could advise the librarian about suitability or otherwise. I have an eclectic taste, with a penchant for dystopian fiction, quirky humour, and what I can only call the authors delicious use of language, such as Alexander McCall Smith. When not reading I enjoy gardening and looking after our animals - including horses, camels, donkeys, goats, cats, dogs, ducks and chickens. I also have a husband. read more..

Jane Grieve

Jane Grieve is a writer herself and loves the nuances of language and expression; reading is one of her favourite occupations. read more..

Kylie Dungey

I am a mother of 4 boys. I love to read any fiction with a good storyline. read more..

Eligh Dungey

I am 8 years old and I love to read. My favourite books are Harry Potter. I also love Zac Power books. I want to be an author/screenwriter when I grow up. read more..

Debi Benstead

My love of literature began in the classroom of an old British Grammar school and continues today in the warmth of a coffee shop, where I meet with my book club friends. I often leave these informal gatherings feeling that there was much more that I wished to contribute. Between the everyday routines of wife, mother, and dog walker, I am an artist and aspiring proofreader.

read more..

Jillian Schedneck

I am the author of Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights, a travel memoir published by Pan Macmillan. I love reading memoirs, literary fiction and nonfiction on science topics. read more..

Chloe Hickson

I love to read books with mystery and that are fiction. I also love books about history and old fashioned fiction books set in colonial Australia. read more..

Sharyn Macdonald

I work part time as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist and part time as a Teacher of hearing impaired children. In my 'spare' time I love to read (obviously) across a range of genres, scrapbook and cook. I am married and have two teenage children. We live on a farm on the Darling Downs, Queensland. read more..

Judith Flitcroft

I am a retired teacher, with a passion for reading and writing. I have a grown family and grandchildren. I also have interests in music
history and regularly help out at our local museum.The great loves of my life are my husband, family and our little farm. All our animals are spoiled rotten!! I run a Kids Club and have a great interest in children's theatre where I produce a pantomime every year for our local theatre with kids for kids. read more..

Sierra Roan

I was raised on John Grisham (having read his complete works at the time by age 10), Jeffrey Archer and other such political and legal thrillers. At 13 I discovered 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', a series that propelled me down the roads of black humor, sci-fi and fantasy. While my tastes swing more toward the bizarre and macabre, I admit that a well written story with compelling characters in any genre can win me over.
I have a Bachelors in Creative and Professional Writing and spend much of my spare time proofing and critiquing friends' manuscripts and University assignments. read more..

Carrie Wilson

I am an avid reader, lover of books and try my best to come up with some short stories myself. I live in Toowoomba with my partner Neil and dog Jet, am studying Journalism. I have recently developed a travel bug and have big plans to travel the world. I also hope to be able to one day make a living out of reading and writing books! read more..

Gina Baldassarre

I'm a 19 year old journalism and French student from Sydney, Australia. I live on books and orange juice. read more..

Karlein Kwong

I am a student studying creative writing as a minor at university. I also love to read fantasy novels whether it is adult fantasy or YA.
Fantasy is a broad category, but I basically l like anything to do with the hero's quest, magic and even urban fantasy too.
Some fantasy novels I simply adore include James Moloney's "Book of Lies" and "Silvermay", Cinda Williams Chima's "The Demon King" and "Heir Series", Cassandra Clair's "The Mortal Instruments" and Victoria Hanley's "The Seer and the Sword" just to name a few from a super long list.

In addition to my love for reading fantasy, I am also working on my own hero's quest by writing a high-fantasy novel, hopefully as part of a trilogy. I started writing it four years ago, and in the process, have gone through many ups and downs. Despite the many downs I have faced, my passion for writing has continued to soar.

Through my own experience in writing my own book, I have developed critical skills when it comes down to editing and proofreading. I hope I can be of help to you and look forward to reading your works. read more..

Sandra Seymour

My idea of bliss is retiring to the university library amongst the thoughts and words of writers. I enjoy reading a wide range of writing from theory and research to fantasy, girl candy and biographies. read more..

Benita Bunting

I work with books by day and read them by night, so I guess it's just like Erasmus said -“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”
read more..

Jillian Langhammer

I cannot remember a time when I did not read. I grew up with John and Betty, progressing to the fun in The Magic Far Away Tree, then onto the adventures of The Favorite Five and The Secret Seven and at some stage grew up with Puberty Blues. I've read many, many books since then and my taste these days is quite diverse but my appetite for a good book has never waned. From crime to historical fiction, mystery and biography - even the book reviews in the weekend papers gets me in.

When I am not reading I write biographies for palliative care patients, and enjoy caring for my beautiful family. read more..

Nikita McInnes

Nikita McInnes is a journalism student based in Melbourne. You'll find her radio work at SYN FM and writing at City Journal and The Catalyst Magazine. She loves the arts - books and reading in particular. read more..

Belinda Crawford

Writer, web developer and avid bookworm I like nothing more than curling up with a good story and a cup of tea. read more..

Esther Levy-Fenner

Esther is studying a Bachelor of Communication (PC) with a fetish for reading and all things artsy. Apart from smelling book pages and trawling over blogs, I am a music appreciator and friend to many, but mostly to my dog and my cat. read more..

Sarah Day

I found it really difficult to commit to a list of favourite books - there's so many that I've left out and some I wasn't sure how to choose between. I find that instead of enduring favourites I have books that I really enjoy when I read them, tell everyone I know who loves reading to read them, and they really stick in my mind at the time for a range of reasons but perhaps get surpassed when another great book comes into my life. I have loved reading as long as I can remember and will devour all sorts of books at an alarming rate when I'm in the mood for it, earning myself the title of non-genre specific book nerd (from my partner, don't know how much that counts!). I also love the idea of writing, although am not very successful with this, so I'm excited about the idea of reviewing the writing of other people instead. read more..

Kelly Exeter

Kelly is a writer, designer and reformed over-committer. She relies on books and running to keep her sane. read more..

Nicole Beatty

My personal philosophy has always been that in order to become a writer you must first be a great reader. I crave quiet time to lose myself in a really good book--from poetry to biography and everything in between. I read with an open-mind and look forward to the experience that is about to unfold throughout the coming pages. read more..

Lana Kerr

Lana Kerr (Ke Lan) grew up in a small country town in New Zealand, and was educated at Te Awamutu College. After marrying Peter and raising five children, the author and her husband moved to Australia; later moving to China for some years, working as ESL Teachers. Belatedly realising teaching was in her blood, this became a life changing experience for her.
Lana started writing poetry, expanding into creative writing. In her fifties Lana decided she needed to further her education, completing her International TESOL Teaching Licence in 2005, Bachelor of Arts in 2009; Master of Arts in Writing in 2012, and Certificate in Editing and Proofreading in 2012. Lana has established a website, with the intention of providing students and ESL teachers with entertaining short stories that can be used as leisure reading or classroom activities.
Lana lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.
read more..

Coral Nichols

Finally when my two daughters grew up I had time to persue my love of writing and reading. I worked hard at my craft achieving my diploma in Freelance Journalism, and Professional Writing for Children, and also Practical Proofreading and Editing Techniques.
I've entered many competitions achieving several first places, highly commendeds, and was shortlisted two years in a row in the Frustrated Writers Competition Mentor Program through the Children's Book Council of Australia, NSW branch. I also teach Writing for Children at Nepean Community College.
I love to read almost anything, with the exception of Sci-Fi, which is just not my thing. read more..

EJ Harris

Reading is my main source of fuel, in what is otherwise a generally hectic and child-centric existence. I am continually searching for books which teach me more about the world and help me question my thoughts about life. As an undergraduate in Communications, a postgraduate of Business Studies and currently studying Masters in Writing, I have always been and hope to continue to be happily swamped in words! read more..

Rensina van den Heuvel

I have written and self published my first adventure travel book, Russian Documents Mongolian Dust about a 21,000 klm journey overland from Australia to Switzerland in a Land Rover.
I love reading. I usually have two or three books on the go at once and love to read a diverse range of subjects.
I work from home most of the time as we live on a fairly remote 800 acres south of Mackay, Queensland.
At present I am writing my next book, (slowly) about our overland journey from Finland to Jordan in 2010 an ex Russian Military truck, a Gaz 66.
I have now completed my Diploma in Counselling.
Beginning a project to help Women to become empowered through sustainable micro business (sewing) in remote locations....Mongolia First! I will be running a 'walking and camping expedition' in Mongolia. 2014 .
The wet season is just beginning here in North Queensland.
read more..

Teresa Lam

I'm 20 years old. Avid reader, blogger, reviewer and aspiring writer.

If your book is written targeted towards the Young Adult audience, and under these genres (fantasy, contemporary, romance, science-fiction, dystopian), I'd be honoured to read, review and give you my honest opinion of them.

I am also interested in Fantasy/Romance in Adult Literature.

I run blogs on tumblr, links below:

Personal blog

Book Blog

For an extensive list of books, favourites, and reviews, head on over to my Goodreads account.

Other social networks: Twitter, Instagram read more..

Katharina Logan

I am a freelance writer and editor and mother to a toddler. I blog a bit, read a lot of blogs and enjoy fiction and biography. My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. read more..

Holly Murphy

I love to read, and have been loving it ever since I learned how to do it. Barely a week has gone by where I haven't read at least one book. At the moment I'm a stay at home mum most of the time with two gorgeous little boys. The rest of the time I'm studying multimedia studies part time at university while starting up my own graphic/web design business. read more..

Diane O'Nions

I am a British expat living in Michigan USA. My love of reading has blossomed over the past decade and I have a whole new appreciation for a tranquil place to curl up with a good book and escape the chaos of today! read more..

Chantelle Pymble

I am 26 years old with a four year old son. I am a Conveyancing & Office Manager of a busy suburban law practice. I enjoy shooting, riding dirt bikes and I love to read. read more..

Abbey English

I am a huge reader and love to read science fiction and romance novels.
When I can tear myself away from a good book, I love to do ballet, listen to music and talk to my friends. read more..

Logan Johnson

I am Logan and I like to be active and musical when I am not reading or doing arts and craft. I do gymnastics and I play piano and percussion. I like to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Andy Griffiths, Paul Jennings, J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl etc. I am very interested by these authors and got me into writing my very own books. read more..

Britney Cawkwell

I love to dance and sing (when no one is looking or listening). I spend most of my spare time on the computer, reading my favourite books, drawing in my notebook (I do this reguarly) ,playing with with my labrodor puppy or trying to finish my two books. read more..

Pete Loveday

My name is Pete Loveday and I am semi retired, but doing what I love – reading books!  I have strong roots into the Publishing and Production areas of books after a lifetime of involvement in the Printing industry.  Happily married to a successful Author, Kate Loveday, we live in Adelaide, Australia near to a fantastic beach and enjoy two beautiful grandchildren.

Knowing the blood, sweat and tears that go into my wife’s books,  I love to read and review and offer encouragement where I can to all authors.  Beginning to read at age 4, I have had 60 + years to learn and observe and love to pass this on.  My preferred genres are in fiction mainly mystery, suspense, historical fiction and family history. 

More of me is available at my blog or my website.  I strive to give honest and professional comments and will help rather than criticise.

read more..

Oliver Murphy

Hi, I'm Oliver and I am 5 years old. I start Prep next year and love reading books. I read each night with Dad or Mum and like a lot of different books that I choose from the library when I visit each week. I also love Lego and doing puzzles and other games. read more..

Sharyne Muir

I'm a working single mum of 4 kids of various ages. They all share my love of reading whether its a book or iBook.
I love cuddling up with my kids and reading, letting them takes turns reading. It's OUR special time together. read more..

Kasper Beaumont

Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Combining a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel in the Hunters of Reloria trilogy, Kasper started to write on the urging of friends and family and enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria. Kasper is a pen name for a rather shy author who is happy to remain unnamed.  'I like to read a wide variety of books and to read to my children.  I enjoy traveling and meeting new people.'

The Hunters of Reloria trilogy is about the magical world of Reloria where halflings and fairies share a bond. Dwarves, elves, knights and dragons inhabit this country, but their world is about to be invaded by scaly lizardmen and giant Cyclops.

Book 1: Elven Jewel was published as an ebook and paperback in 2013.
Book 2: Hunters' Quest ebook 2013 and paperback in 2014
Book 3: Dragon's Revenge is the thrilling conclusion, ebook July and paperback November 2014.

Check the website for details:
Facebook: read more..

David Cox

read more..

Tansy Bradshaw

I am a librarian, comedian, writer and blogger from Melbourne. read more..

Raelene Purtill

Raelene is a full time Mum to three teenagers. Since she began writing as much as possible just two years ago, she has become fascinated by everything though she has always been eclectic in her interests. She has had two short stories published in anthologies and is now developing her skills in non fiction writing. read more..

Margaret Dakin

After many years of long hours working as a studio potter and selling my ware in small galleries and at markets, it was late in life when I came to writing. I have had just enough success to keep me scribbling every week, and although I am now retired, I have some volunteer work, and I still do not have as much time as I would like to read, there being so many books which are recommended to me.

At the moment I am doing a short story writing course at QWC which I won when my short story won the Editor's choice at the recent Redlitzer Short Story Competition. It was based on the well known Betty Shanks murder as I like to write fiction based on fact.  Strangely I recently went to the book launch of 'I Know Who Killed Betty Shanks' and found that my fiction in this case did not stray far from the truth.

I also write plays and 'Presumed Guilty', which you will not be surprised to learn was about the only woman hanged in Queensland, had reasonable success. I am currently writing a play which includes Lyrics and Music. read more..

Judy Fredriksen

Like so many others, Judy's love of reading began in early childhood with Enid Blyton. More books, Reader’s Digest, magazines, comic books followed ... nothing was safe. Upon reaching adulthood, Judy's love of entertainment and dramatics morphed into a great love of theatre. These days, Judy loves to get lost in historical fiction, mysteries, crime novels or anything that transports her into a different world or culture. She works as a freelance editor and writer and has written and directed her first play. read more..

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