… connects writers direct to their reading audience
… allows emerging Australian writers to have their work read
… places the book directly into the hands of potential purchasers, the reader.

A review panel of readers provides feedback to a book. These reviews are available for the public along with the first chapter or section of the book. If you like what you read, then the entire book is available for purchase.

writers’ web is perfect for:

  • passionate readers looking to discover the next Tim Winton
  • book clubs searching for fresh, new writers to discuss
  • writers who wish to be authors by having their work read and discussed.

Thanks for Write Around Queensland submissions
Many thanks to the writers from all over the state from Cairns to the Gold Coast and just about everywhere in between who submitted to Write Around Queensland. Submissions are now with the Society of Editors (Qld) being reviewed. Edited submissions will be returned to writers 30 August to finalise before their final submission on 30 September.


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    Are you the next JK Rowling? Looking for a reading audience? Then writers' web can get your book read, reviewed and discussed so it's off your computer and in front of readers' eyes.

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  • readers

    Love to read and have a favourite genre that fills your bookshelves? Then we invite you to be on the writers' web review panel to share your feedback and opinions with others.

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  • bookclubs

    Open-minded? Keen to support emerging Australian talent? Sign up to receive more information about how your club might discover the next Peter Carey, Helen Garner or Di Morrissey.

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